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Vaada Foundation, an NGO established in 2010 in Hyderabad, is committed to Safety on Roads. The Foundation has been instrumental in implementing several awareness campaigns in association with government and non-government groups.
Apart from the awareness campaigns Vaada has been conducting workshops on driving, road conditions, walker-safety and three wheeler ownership concept for women-empowerment. The Foundation is associated with prominent Indian film director Mr SS Rajamouli who is an active supporter of road-safety; guides and participates in several “reach-home-safely” activities during the special occasions and awareness walks in association with celebrities, especially during the times of New Year celebrations.

Signage Project Consultancy and Designing for National Highways of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh and Destination Points
Travelers are different from tourists. Department of Tourism (formerly Government of Andhra Pradesh) has approached us to deliver a road map to give more comfort to the highway commenter's. By giving the information of less known areas, importance of tourist attractions and saturation of such boards from highway points to destinations. We work together with the department to inform, educate and engage the tourists. Needless to say aesthetics, science of signage, National Highway Authority approvals, engineering of the board, recce of places and interactive messages customized to travelers I general and target groups are part of the activity.
We take pleasure in building the image of the department through signage facilities, communicating the history and legacy.

Let's Vote!
No system is perfect and no government can address all the issues of people. But a difference of a few votes can decide who is going to rule the people. Let's vote is campaign initiated by a team of experts from various drives of society to motivate urban votes to participate in polling for general elections 2014.

No system is perfect and no government can address all the issues of people. But a difference of a few votes can decide who is going to rule the people. Let's vote is campaign initiated by a team of experts from various drives of society to motivate urban votes to participate in polling for general elections 2014.

Road Maps & Vote Boosters
Communication and reach have brought phenomenal changes in electoral landscape. We understand the winning chances of a contestant with respect to people's ambitions and agenda of parties.

Once the profile is addressed, we take a closer look at target groups, communication vehicles and innovative means of campaign based on manifestos of parties.

Especially in areas where literacy is low mnemonics, pictures and catchy phrases in local language play a key role.

Our services include:

  • Delivery of communication road map with sample designs and design of report based campaign systems
  • Design and execution* of campaign

*A third party service, in association with our rural and urban communication partners

The idea of the film is to portray the lives of 40 visually impaired children living in disability hostels. These children have dreams, aspirations and a desire to enjoy the small joys that life has to offer. It is a perfect feature film with no mainstream genre and caters to all type of audience as a feature film and it sensitizes the public opinion too.

The film is based on one such boy, Raju, blinded by an accident while editing a video fights against evil orphanage owner Narayana with friends. This is a story of overcoming obstacles to emerge winners!

MINUGURULU is at par with movies like Tare Zameen Par and Chillar Party. The ‘Seeing Beyond Sight’ campaign was a step to produce and direct the film at the expenses of production house without compromising on quality and without worrying about the release of the film.

Just another splash in the colour mix?

New Year events and branding them has become a conventional seasonal routine. However, communicating the freshness and zeal of 'ONE4ME', a new year night extravagance at Novotel is a shift from the usual gush of advertisements one tends to come across during the season.

An event that along with all the razzmatazz, boasts of being different as a corporate bash for everyboby and anybody including the young, the young at heart and families! With Special lounge for premium sponsors, the event is not just for fun but for interaction and networking with high net worth individuals! The bash is slated to draw celebrities from various business segments to up the ambience which already has been set with state-of-the-art music systems and lighting.

ONE4ME takes fun, food, drinks & entertainment to another level, and that is precisely what we communicate through these hoardings and median poles.

The American Telugu Association was formed as an entity in 1990 with the aim of serving people of Telugu origin in North America. ATA also assists and promotes literary, cultural, educational, religious, social, economic, health and community activities. One of its many noble initiatives, ATA Vedukalu 2013, India is one such endeavour that tries to bridge cultural differences between American Telugus and Telugus in India. While it acts as a synergy, the event also openly assists social cuases which need immediate attention like Women Empowerment, Women's health and safety, Educational Opportunities Abroad and Anti-Piracy Awareness.

As their Communication Partners, asandwhen within its scope, promotes ATA through all events, internal communication and marketing collaterals. We also take up end to end communication on behalf of ATA to Government departments, Corporates etc. Our communication services cover every need right from business cards to marketing communication collaterals to proposals and strategies.

For the 2013 Vedukalu, asandwhen has branded the event in two verticles 'Dheera' (women empowerment, health, safety related events) & 'Pragathi' (Events supporting Education and Innovation).

Communication is a cultural bridge, after all!

ATA Vedukalu 2013


Click to know about the genesis of ATA Vedukalu

C for Charminar, C for Cinema, and C for Children! That's how we looked at International Children's Film Festival. 18th Film Festival for Children, Hyderabad was bigger than ever.

In fact that was the largest film festival ever held for kids. Such a reputed festival required designs for publicity which would present the essence of the festival along with the image of Film Development Corporation. Working closely with Information and Public Relations department of Andhra Pradesh, asandwhen delivered OOH roadmap, interactive designs, liaisoned with other local departments to make it successful. We thank the Commissioner of I & PR, and FDC team for their great support throughout.

Raed Leaf Poetry India Award is the first and most generous poetry award in India, organized by the RLP Trust and supported by the A.P. Dept. of Tourism. Poetry and Hyderabad transverse into an event and an entity, as the city has an extremely rooted and rich historical culture. An effort towards a more intellectually liberated and expressive India, the event aims at being more than a recognized festival. It also aims to recognize unsung talent and motivate a pan Indian poetic consciousness. Understanding the sensibility of a poetry festival, we design the entire communication for the event including the Scope, PR Strategy and design deliverables like invites, hoardings, banners etc.

For when emotion flows, the translation meets the shore!

It all began with the invincible dream of 2 wise men, who nurtured a determined passion for running. They still do, only, they share it with thousands of other runners now. They transformed their dream into a reality with the inception of Hyderabad Runners, and six years later they are recognized as the best running club in India!

As they climbed the ladder of success, they went on to add more divisions under their banner: Mighty Milers, Hyderabad Marathon and events such as club run and annual runs.

Hyderabad Marathon came into being in the year 2011, successfully completing 3 years. As a standalone, HM is considered to be the toughest city marathon in India due to the Hyderabadi Deccan terrain.

This dream is what we believed in and never once questioned the realization it has reached today even in its genesis. Since the inception of HM, asandwhen has had the privilege of serving as their premium and only communication partner, covering every possible communication vehicle such as outdoor communication (posters, feelers, banners, standees), stationery & merchandises, online communication (web, online banners & emailers) and what not!

As we say, we run along.